Involvement Opportunities

  • For every student to reach their potential there needs to be a strong partnership between the family and the school. We welcome the involvement of parents/guardians, and the community-at-large in our schools. There are many ways for parents/guardians to be involved in our schools. The purpose of this section is to list some of the opportunities that are available for you.

    • Become a School Council Member. A School Council is a representative, school-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and, at the secondary level, students. A council is required to be established by each school under Massachusetts General Laws and operates under the Massachusetts Open Meeting laws. Teachers, parents/guardians, and community members can become more committed to improving the schools and more supportive of the public school system when they enjoy the opportunity to serve or be represented on a school council that has a role in shaping the policies and programs of the school. School Councils enhance site-based decision making because they expand the participation of the school community in its schools' decision making. The involvement of different groups on the council provides the school with different and mutually complementary perspectives on its improvement goals and plans. In addition, by involving people who work in and support the school in the development of the school's success plan, the likelihood will increase that the plan will be successfully implemented. School Councils are to assist principals in adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards, identifying the educational needs of students attending the school, reviewing the annual school building budget, formulating a school success plan and to review the student handbook each spring to consider changes in disciplinary policy to take effect for the following school year.
    • Attend athletic events, plays, band and choral concerts.
    • Attend special events at the school, such as Freshmen Orientation, Open House, and Program of Studies Night.
    • Stay in communication with your child’s guidance counselor and attend guidance informational meetings throughout the year.
    • Attend School Committee meetings where issues affecting the Falmouth Public Schools are discussed.
    • Access online resources such as the Falmouth High School website to view teacher websites and current events.
    • Join one of our Parent/Guardian Booster Organizations.
    • Log into “Naviance,” the Guidance Department’s online career and college planning program for all students.

    The following volunteer opportunities allow an individual to work directly with the students and staff and are quite rewarding for the volunteer as well as the students. *

    • Become a mentor.
    • Volunteer to chaperone field trips.
    • Volunteer at special events, such as the Science Fair, Senior Class Auction, or Junior Work Day, or as a Booster Club member.

    To become a Volunteer in Public Schools (VIPS). Call 508-548-1621 or email:

Background Checking (Parents/Guardians & Volunteers)

  • Falmouth Public Schools will annually obtain criminal offender record information (CORI) for all volunteers and others who wish to participate in school activities. This includes classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones. The CORI process must be completed before any involvement in the schools, and the results of the CORI, based on the discretion of the Superintendent or their designee, will determine one’s eligibility to participate in school activities. CORIs can be completed at the VIPS Office located at Falmouth High School. All CORI information is confidential, and privacy will be maintained. In addition, individuals may be asked to submit state and national fingerprint-based criminal background checks at the expense of the individual. The requirement to submit state and national fingerprint-based criminal background checks will be made by the Superintendent or designee.

    You are considered a VIPS (Volunteer in Public Schools) if you donate your time in any way to any school activity, class, library, event, or club. If you take tickets, sell snacks, or make phone calls for a teacher or coach, you are a VIPS.

    Please check with the FHS supervising staff member when you volunteer. CORI and VIPS registration forms are available at all schools, during Freshman Orientation Night, or at the VIPS Office.

Last Modified on July 16, 2019