• Student parking is a privilege for juniors and seniors in good standing and with a valid driver’s license. Students can purchase a parking sticker for each academic year. All student vehicles must be registered with the Student Activities Office.

    Vehicles should be locked after arrival, and no student is permitted in the parking lot during school hours without obtaining a pass from an Assistant Principal and signing out in the Assistant Principals’ Office.

    The school retains authority to conduct routine patrols of student parking lots and inspections of the exteriors and interiors of student vehicles. This includes the use of canine units.

    Reminder: When students park on school property without an FHS sticker, their vehicle could be towed. Students who park without authorization will not be allowed to apply for a parking sticker in the future. They will also be subject to disciplinary action.


    1. Failure to fill out paperwork when driving an unstickered or alternate vehicle to school
    2. Failure to return a temporary tag
    3. Speeding (over 15 miles per hour)
    4. Improper parking (taking 2 spaces or parking on grass)
    5. Reckless or careless driving
    6. Failure to yield to a school bus
    7. Crossing grass island
    8. Causing an accident
    9. Four tardies per quarter
    10. Parking privileges will be denied for the remainder of the quarter, and the sticker must be returned to the Assistant Principals’ Office for two or more of the above violations.

Causes for Revocation

    1. Parking outside of the student parking lot
    2. Leaving campus without permission
    3. Transfer of sticker
    4. Providing unauthorized transportation
    5. Vandalism to a vehicle in the parking lot
    6. Major disciplinary infraction
    7. Failure to stay for administrative detention


  • Students who wish to appeal a suspension or loss of sticker must meet with the Assistant Principal by making an appointment in the Assistant Principals’ Office.

Day Tag

  • Ten spaces are reserved for students (seniors) who have a special circumstance and need to drive to school. A parent/guardian and the student still must review the rules and sign the form that indicates that the rules have been reviewed. Once that procedure has been completed, one-day tags should be purchased during lunch the day before in the Assistant Principals’ Office ($1.00). Students must come with car registration and driver’s license. Failure to return “day tag” will result in suspension of parking privileges and disciplinary action.

Last Modified on July 16, 2019