• Students are reminded that all school rules and expectations of behavior apply on buses in transit to and from school, extracurricular activities, field trips, and other school-sponsored events. Upon arrival on school property, a student is considered present and should enter the building. Students who then leave school without permission will be considered truant and/or cutting classes and appropriate consequences will be assigned.

    At the end of the school day, students should leave the parking lot by 2:10 p.m. or immediately upon completion of their after school activities.

    Once the school buses have been released, students may not cross in front of any bus until all buses have left school property. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

Bus Regulations

  • The bus driver has full authority and responsibility to enforce order and maintain discipline on the bus. In the event of a discipline problem with a student, the driver will deliver the student to their destination and then notify the principal or designee via a Bus Conduct Report. In the event of a discipline problem that impedes the safety of the bus driver continuing on their route, the driver may summon help from either their employer, the Transportation Coordinator, or in the most severe instances, the local police.


  • The following violations may result in a suspension of riding privileges for a period to be determined by the Principal or designee.

    1. Fighting on the bus

    2. Lighting matches or cigarette lighters

    3. Tampering with bus equipment/safety equipment

    4. Improper use of emergency exits

    5. Throwing objects at, out of or within the bus

    6. Profanity or other disrespectful language or gestures

    7. Spitting

    8. Smoking (tobacco, electronic and/or vapor)

    9. Harassment of other students or the bus driver

    10. Intentional damage to the bus or bus equipment; students will be held responsible for any defacement or damage to the bus

    11. Refusing to remain seated while the bus is in motion

    12. Refusing to obey or comply with a driver’s request or directions

    The following violations shall result in an indefinite suspension of riding privileges. The Principal or designee will determine the length of suspension:

    1. Possession, sale, or use of drugs

    2. Possession, sale, or use of alcoholic beverages

    3. Possession, sale, or use of a dangerous weapon

    4. Repeated violations of bus rules and regulations

    Disciplinary action for violations other than those listed above shall be at the discretion of the Principal or designee.  Falmouth school buses may be equipped with video cameras mounted above the driver. Further information on this policy is available from the Transportation Department at the Administration Building or by calling (508) 548-0151.

Parent/Guardian Drop-Off and Parent/Guardian Pick-Up

  • Student parking is in Lot A next to the tennis courts. All parents/guardians who are dropping students off will also use Lot A to access student drop-off behind the school at the entrance of the cafeterias between 7:00 a.m. and 7:22 a.m. Parents/Guardians are also to enter Lot A for student pick-up at the end of the day to access student pick-up behind the school at the entrance of the cafeterias.  Parking Lot B is reserved for buses and faculty use only.

Last Modified on September 1, 2023