Regulations Pertaining to Student Records

  • The District’s policy of students’ and parents’/guardians’ privacy rights to academic records complies with Student Record Regulations under the authority of MGL Chapters 71, 71B, and 76.

Access to Student Records

  • Parents/guardians may have access to the student record. Access shall be provided as soon as practicable and within ten (10) days after the initial request, except in the case of non-custodial parents. Upon request for access, the entire student record shall be made available.

    Non-Custodial Parent

    A non-custodial parent is eligible to obtain access to the student record unless the district has been provided with documentation indicating that:

    • The parent has been denied legal custody or has been ordered to supervised visitation, based on a threat to the safety of the student and the threat is specifically noted in the order pertaining to custody or supervised visitation, or

    • The parent has been denied visitation, or

    • The parent’s access to the student has been restricted by a temporary or permanent protective order, unless the protective order (or any subsequent order modifying the protective order) specifically allows access to the information contained in the student record, or

    • There is an order of a probate and family court judge which prohibits the distribution of student records to the parent.

    The school shall place in the student’s record documents indicating that a non-custodial parent’s access to the student’s record is limited or restricted.

    In order to obtain access, the non-custodial parent must submit a written request for the student record to the Principal.

    • Upon receipt of the request, the school must immediately notify the custodial parent by certified and first class mail, in English and the primary language of the custodial parent, that it will provide the non-custodial parent with access after twenty-one (21) days, unless the custodial parent provides the Principal with documentation that the non-custodial parent is not eligible to obtain access.

    The school must delete all electronic and postal address and telephone number information relating to either work or home locations of the custodial parent from student records provided to non-custodial parents. In addition, such records must be marked to indicate that they shall not be used to enroll the student in another school.

    Upon receipt of a court order that prohibits the distribution of information pursuant to MGL c. 71, §34H, the school shall notify the non-custodial parent that it shall cease to provide access to the student record to the non-custodial parent.

PowerSchool Parent/Guardian/Student Portal

  • In addition to the Lawrence School issuing mid-quarter progress reports and quarterly report cards, parents/guardians and students can access student grades and attendance at all times through the PowerSchool parent/guardian/student portal.

    Access to your student’s grades and attendance through PowerSchool is being provided to you as another form of communication with teachers and administrators.  Usernames and passwords are required to access the system and will be different for parents/guardians and students. To obtain a Parent/Guardian account, please contact the main office. The following guidelines apply to the use of the Parent/Guardian/Student Portal:

    1. Usernames and passwords are to be kept confidential.

      1. The district accepts no responsibility in the event the username/password is shared, given, stolen, or in any other way becomes the possession of a person other than the parent/guardian.

      2. If a username/password is compromised, the parent/guardian can contact the school to have the password changed.

    2. Even though the Public Portal will be available at any time of day, there may be times when the system is down due to planned maintenance or an unplanned outage. Please check again later.

    3. The district does not provide technical support for your home and/or work computer system.

    4. All parent/guardian/student access to the Portal is monitored.

    5. Even though you will be able to check your student’s progress 24 hours a day/7 days a week, teachers will generally post their grades within ten (10) school days of the assignment due date. Please realize that some assignments may take longer to grade. Please be patient. Do not contact teachers requesting a grade sooner than ten (10) school

    6. Grades may be preliminary, and as such, may change over the course of the quarter. Moreover, additional grades, such as notebook check and participation may be factored in at the end of the quarter. Final grades will be determined solely by the teacher using all of their records, and final grades are not submitted until report cards are generated each quarter.

    7. The online gradebook should be used as a reference point. To that end, look for patterns and trends in student grades as a basis for conversation with students, rather than focus on individual assignments in isolation. Please recognize that mistakes may occur at times. We recommend the following protocol:

      1. Speak with your student.

      2. Have your student talk to their teacher for clarification.

      3. Check teacher’s grading policy on syllabus.

      4. Contact the teacher.

      5. Request a meeting through the Guidance Department.

      6. Lastly, contact school administration.

    8. Final quarter grades will be posted on the day report cards are distributed.

    9. Attendance concerns should be addressed to the classroom teacher (class attendance) or the main office (daily attendance).

    Terms of Use:

    1. Access to the system is a privilege, and if it is abused, my account will be suspended and/or terminated.

    2. The Falmouth Public Schools is not liable for any damages to my personal equipment incurred when connected to the PowerSchool system.

    3. In consideration of using the Falmouth Schools’ network and having access to my student’s grades and attendance, I hereby release the Falmouth Public Schools, its officers and employees from any claims and damages from my use of the system.

    4. I understand that the school will continue to distribute report cards at the end of each quarter.
Last Modified on September 8, 2020