Student / Staff Feedback

  • The Massachusetts Educator Evaluation Framework is designed to include information about educator practice from a wide and representative range of sources. Student and staff feedback, which is a required element of the regulatory framework, offers a unique and important perspective on educator effectiveness. When taken together with other information sources, staff and student feedback helps to provide a more accurate and detailed picture of an educator’s practice.

    Feedback from students and staff plays a key role in teaching and learning in schools throughout the Commonwealth. Whether it’s a third-grade teacher using weekly exit slips to gather student input on learning activities, a principal convening a group of teachers to collect feedback on a new initiative, or a librarian canvassing students for opinions about new resources, the use of feedback to shape and refine practice is a familiar idea for many educators. Student feedback informs teachers’ evaluations, and staff feedback informs administrators’ evaluations. By including student and staff feedback in the evidence that educators will collect, the Massachusetts’ educator evaluation framework ensures that this critical perspective is used to support professional growth and development.

    Sample survey questions from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Last Modified on December 14, 2019