Set of classroom Chromebooks in a charging locker
  • Falmouth Public Schools

    Chromebook Care Guidelines  

    General Care of Chromebooks

    • Treat all Chromebooks as valuable materials
    • Students may not take Chromebooks home
    • Keep all food and drink away from Chromebooks
    • Never leave a Chromebook on a classroom floor, heater or on top of books and binders
    • Chromebooks should never go outside without the direct supervision of a teacher and under no circumstances should they be placed directly on the ground
    • No banging, slamming or hitting any part of a Chromebook
    • Never place anything on top of the keyboards
    • Do not apply pressure or place heavy objects on top of Chromebooks
    • Headsets, cords, and cables must be inserted into or taken out of the correct port on the Chromebook very carefully
    • Do not clean Chromebooks with liquids, only use a soft cloth to wipe down the screen
    • Do not share your password with anyone
    • Use only the Chromebook that is assigned to you
    • Notify your teacher immediately if something is wrong with your Chromebook
    • Sign out of your Google Account and shutdown the Chromebook when you are finished
    • Follow the teachers directions for removing and returning all Chromebooks to and from charging lockers
    • Make sure Chromebooks are returned to the correct charging locker and slot

     Carrying Chromebooks

    • Always carry and hold Chromebooks with two hands
    • Never carry a Chromebook with a screen open
    • Never carry, lift, or hold a Chromebook just by the screen
    • When walking with a Chromebook, watch out for other classmates and furniture

     Opening Chromebooks

    • Use both hands when opening a Chromebook from the center front
    • Open the Chromebook only when it is resting on a flat surface such as a table or desk
    • The hinge of the screen will only allow the screen to be open to a slight angle.  Do not try to open or force the screen beyond this stopping point

     Closing Chromebooks

    • Before closing the screen, make sure that there is nothing on the keyboard
    • Close the screen only when the Chromebook is resting on a flat surface such as a desk
    • Gently close the Chromebook using two hands
Last Modified on December 7, 2018