• Course Description:

    This course is for those who either intend to own their own business or work in the finance environment—business management or administration. Emphasis is placed on the reasons and the purpose of accounting and not exclusively on the mechanical procedure. Students use Excel spreadsheets, conduct business simulations as well as participate in partnership, corporation, and managerial accounting. Business transactions and maintenance of financial statements is emphasized. Students will also gain a foundational understanding of the stock market. Those who enroll in the course for honors credit will have additional assessment criteria that emphasize the analytical and managerial aspects of business finance.

    Curriculum Resources:

    Following are some of the curriculum resources that are used in this course: Century 21 Accounting 10E,  Virtual Business-Personal Finance, as well as additional resources.

     Overall grades will be calculated quarterly as follows:

    30% Classwork/Homework  

    5%   Class Participation                                                          

    25% Quiz Grades               

    40% Test Grades                   

         100% Total

    (each quarter will contribute 18% to the final grade. The remaining is distributed 14% to the mid-term exam and 14% to the final exam.)

    Call Back Day:  Wednesday