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  • Course Goals and Expectations, Marine Ecology CP2

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    Text:  Life on an Ocean Planet,

    September 2018

    The following is a description of the goals and expectations I have for each student in Marine Ecology.  I expect each of you and a parent or guardian to read this description carefully and sign the lab safety sheet by Monday, September 10, 2018.  The signed sheet counts as a homework assignment.  Please keep this expectations sheet in the front of your three-ring binder at all times, so that you may refer to it all year.

    Course Description:

    This is an upper-level biology course.  The major objective is to provide you with a working knowledge of Oceanography and Marine Biology.  The expectations of a “CP2-level” student include the ability to think critically, to participate in relevant classroom discussions, and to work collaboratively on projects as well as independently. 

    Course information can be found on the class website (above), including a syllabus. Materials and assignments for the current chapter are updated in Google Classroom for our course. If you are missing anything, you can print out or make a digital copy of missing materials from this site.


    You should be in class every day.  We will have labs and videos that will be difficult to make up; live specimens cannot be kept forever.  It is your responsibility to find out the work missed and complete it within five school days from your return (unless otherwise arranged). Labs can only be made up after school within a week following the lab class. You must be in class on time unless you have a pass from a teacher or staff member.  If you are tardy to class three times, you will be assigned detention.  You are also only allowed three passes to leave class after I have started class or demonstrated (to locker, to restroom, etc.) per quarter, so use them wisely!

    I try to arrange a field trip each school year.  Student participation on a field trip is at the discretion of the teacher; students who have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to behave appropriately in the classroom will not be allowed to participate on the field trip and will receive an alternative assignment for that day.


    Students in class are expected to be attentive, follow directions, carry out learning tasks, work together when appropriate, treat others with respect and, especially in the lab, be safety conscious (please read and sign lab safety contract).  Students who disrupt class keep themselves and their classmates from learning and will be disciplined according to school guidelines.  Steps to ensure appropriate behavior in class include teacher-assigned detentions and communication with parent(s), temporary removal from class or lab, assignment of administrative detentions according to school procedure, and, if necessary, having a student permanently removed from class, with loss of credit. 

    BYOD policy: 

    The use of any electronic devices in my classroom is not a right, it’s a privilege.  You may only use your device if you have permission during that class period.  Cell phones out during a test or quiz will earn the student a 0 on that test or quiz, and the incident will be documented as academic dishonesty.  

    Academic Dishonesty: 

    Please refer to the student handbook regarding academic dishonesty. I expect you to do your own work; answers to homework or other assignments should be written in your own words.

    Materials Needed EVERY day:

    1. Pencil (for lab drawings) and a blue or black ink pen.  I will not supply these.
    2. 1 ½” three-ring binder notebook that allows a student to add and remove materials.  Students should keep homework assignments, laboratory write-ups, class handouts, and assessments in this binder organized by the chapter or unit we are studying.
    3. Composition book (wide rule or college rule) for class notes. These interactive notebooks will be collected daily to provide me feedback on your learning and will be useful during OPEN NOTES QUIZZES.
    4. Homework assignment, completed!

    Extra help:

    If you need extra help or need to make up missed work, I am available during Clipper Time or after school by arrangement (e-mail me!) in Room 1073.  Please take advantage of this time; I want you to do well!


    When we have labs, you will have the chance to work on your own, with a partner, or in a small team.  Labs are a chance to learn by doing.  You will be given lab instructions in advance and be shown the necessary materials and equipment.  Ask for help if you need it.  Remember that there is only one teacher to many students, so please be patient.  Lab time is to be taken seriously and students should work efficiently.  When you finish the lab, you must clean up your work area and return all equipment.  Your lab grade is based on the successful completion of the lab, including answering all questions, drawing diagrams as directed, participating in the lab activity, and cleaning up before the end of class.

    Grading policy:

    Your final grade is based on the average of four quarterly grades (20% each), the midterm (10%) and the final exam (10%).  Your quarterly grade will be based on the following criteria:

    Tests and Quizzes (60%)

    Generally, you will have from 2-3 tests per quarter, each of which is announced in advance.  Please make up any missed tests or quizzes as soon as possible; the longer you wait, the more you’ll forget.  Any test that is not made up by the end of the quarter will count as a 0 in your score and will severely hurt your grade for the quarter (don’t get into this situation!).

    Students may not retake tests except at the discretion of the teacher.  Only students who have consistently turned in class assignments will be allowed to retake a test, which will be a different version than the original test.  The grade on the retake test will replace the first test.

    Homework, Labs, Written assignments, and Projects (30%)

    Homework will be assigned 2-3 times per week.  All labs will require a written hand-in sheet, which often includes drawings and the answering of questions.  I will base grades on completion, accuracy, and neatness (do your best!  I do not expect you to be an artist, but I do expect you to take pride in your work).  Some labs will require more formal reports.  You will also need to complete some independent projects.

    I expect you to take a responsible role in this course and to keep up with assignments.  Any late assignments may be turned in for reduced credit; no work will be accepted after the assessment for that particular unit.

    Participation (10%)

    This grade will be based on how well you work in class. Any discipline referrals or dismissals from class for disruptive behavior will negatively impact your participation grade (0 on class work).