New School Year Supplies 2017 - 2018

  • I hope you are having a fabulous summer vacation!  I am oh-so-excited to meet you and start the school year! Open house dates are Thursday, August 24th from 1 - 2 PM and Friday, August 25th from 9 - 11 AM.

    In order to be ready for my class, here is all you will need:


    Six folders (This is the same for ALL students at MPS)

    One blue folder (Social Studies)

    One green folder (Science)

    One red folder (Math)                               

    One yellow folder (Reading)                      

    One orange folder (Writing)

    One any color or design folder (Homework) 

    Earbuds or headphones to be left in class.



    Pencil holder/case  

    Pencils and cap erasers, small pencil sharpeners are great too!


    Glue sticks, tissues,pencils, and cap erasers.We never have enough! Thanks!

    Please do NOT purchase a binder or Trapper Keeper.  They do not fit in the desks and are too large and bulky for the backpacks.

    See you soon!