• Grading Policy

    Year Breakdown:

    Quarters each equal 22% of Final Year Grade

    Final Exam equals 12% of Final Year Grade


    Quarter Breakdown

    Assignments 35%

    Performances 25%

    Weekly Participation 20%

    Practice Minutes 20%


    • Assignments: This covers a variety of items: SmartMusic Assignments, in class video recordings, or written work. Assignments will be completed both in class and out of class. Students will be kept updated on what is due, but also must write down due dates. Assignments will have 5 school days to be completed late after the due date, with a loss of 10 points per day. After the 5 days it will become a 0 and cannot be made up.


    • Weekly Participation: Student will receive 10 points per week for class. If the student is prepared for class, on time, participates, and follows classroom rules and school policy, the student will receive all points. Use of cellphones, talking/playing out of turn, and not being attentive will result in loss of points for the week. Please see Ms. Peard if you have questions about your participation score.


    • Performances: All performances are Mandatory. I will provide the students with performance dates with ample time to make adjustments in schedule. Performance attendance will be a heavily graded aspect of the class as there is only one and sometimes two performances per quarter. Unlike a written test, performances cannot be made up or reproduced unless it is an illness or family emergency. Final decision on the situation is at the discretion of Ms. Peard. Work, sports, or vacations do not qualify as an excused situation.


    • Practice Minutes: Each student will be required to log 350 minutes per quarter into Smart Music. Students enrolled in two or more ensemble classes (not counting marching band) will be required 500 minutes between the classes. The grade for this section will be determined by minutes completed. Students are responsible for keeping an eye on their minutes. Reminders will be posted and emailed out periodically. The minutes will close on the following dates: Quarter 1-11/3, Quarter 2-1/19, Quarter 3-3/29, Quarter 4-Last Day of Classes. No extensions will be given. Minutes will not be carried over between quarters. Students can earn up to 100 minutes from private lessons by filling out the form and submitting it to Ms. Peard before the above dates.


    • Auditions: Students are required to audition for either All-Cape, All-Cape Jazz, or Southeast District Music Festival.


    Cell phones: Cell phones are only to be used for tuning at the beginning of class or for video assessments when required. All other uses of cell phones are prohibited. In the event a phone or device is being used during class, participation points will be removed. As of the start of quarter 3, the expectations have been stated and warning will no longer be given. Points will just be removed. 


    Lockers: Instruments in the band room are to be stored in a locker in order to keep the room clear for movement. They are not to placed on top of the lockers, on the floor, or in the music library unless a student is advised to do so. Lockers can be signed out at the beginning of the school year with the director. Students are in charge of the combo, so students should write it down and store it in a place they will remember. Lockers are to be locked and closed when students are not using them. Failure to lock the locker while not in the room, may result in the loss of locker privilege. The lockers are are meant for instruments and music in folders. Class books, clothes and other materials are not permitted. There is also no food or beverages in the lockers or in the band room and music tech room in general. Students may have water during rehearsal.


    SmartMusic: We will be returning to the “Classic SmartMusic” program this year. Students are not required to purchase a $40 subscription for home, but it is encouraged. Assignments will be assigned every 2-3 weeks. Students will have access to SmartMusic equipped practice rooms after school every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:00-3:30 pm.  Practice rooms may also be used during Clipper Time during the week, but are first come-first serve and not available on Wednesday Clipper Times.


    School Instruments: Students may sign out a school instrument for the year. The annual cost is $40 and both parents and students must sign the contract. Students must provide their own reeds, valve oil, rosin, replacement strings, etc. Repairs will be handled by the school as long as the cause was not student negligence. Instruments must be paid for before they are assigned an instrument. Instruments are first come, first serve. Percussionists are required to have their own sticks. Please see attached letter. PLEASE NOTE: Percussion instruments are to be played by percussionists only. Other instrumental students should not touch the percussion instruments. Repeated offenses may result in formal disciplinary action.  


    Honors Auditions: Students have the opportunity to audition for the variety of honors festivals taking place in Massachusetts including: All Cape, All Cape Jazz, Southeast Junior or Senior, and All State. All students performing in an Honors Ensemble are required to audition as part of their Honors classification. Please see the director for more information. Falmouth Public Schools typically covers the associated costs of the festivals. If a student fails to attend an audition or festival that has been paid for by the school system, they need to reimburse the funds immediately.


    Band Officers: Band officers will be elected the second week of classes. Positions available are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Historian. Duties of the positions will be explained in class and students will nominate and vote on who they would like. The director has the final decision.


    Falmouth Band Parents: Meetings are held the second Monday of the month (sometimes Tuesday depending on Music events). They are always looking for more parents to join. The meetings take place at 7:00 pm and this year the band parents are hoping to rotate the location to different schools. All meeting information will be emailed out and the meeting location can be found on the FBP website home page (falmouthbandparents.org).

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