2022–2023 Subcommittee Appointments and Other Assignments

  • Subcommittees Members
    Budget Bill Dorfner, Kelly Welch, Leah Palmer
    Negotiations Kelly Welch, Andrea Thorrold, Natalie Kanellopoulos
    Policy Terri Medeiros, Andrea Thorrold, Melissa Keefe
    Superintendent’s Evaluation Terri Medeiros, Leah Palmer, Melissa Keefe 
    Calendar Bill Dorfner, Melissa Keefe, Leah Palmer


    Other Assignments Members
    Affirmative Action Committee Representative HOLD
    Cape Cod Collaborative Board Michael Heylin
    Legislative Representative Terri Medeiros
    SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) Liaison Michael Heylin
    VIPS program Representative Terri Medeiros
    Falmouth Education Foundation (FEF) Liaison Bill Dorfner
    School Building Needs Bill Dorfner
    Bill Signing Terri Medeiros and Kelly Welch
    Te(a)ch for Learning Committee Margaret Souza
    Wellness Committee Magaret Souza, Andrea Thorrold, Michael Heylin
    Health and Safety Committee Bill Dorner and Melissa Keefe
    Learning Access Advisory Committee Margaret Souza and Terri Medeiros
    DEI & B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) Advisory Andrea Thorrold and Natalie Kanellopoulos
    ELPAC (English Language Learners Parent Advisory Council) Liaison Leah Palmer
Last Modified on July 26, 2022