Battle of the Books Rules and Regulations


    1) Battle of the books relies on teamwork.  Each member of the team must be an active participant.  Each member is expected to read a minimum of 4 books (2 for summer reading form & 1 per semester).

    2) If a team member is not an active participant, the following steps can be taken:  

    * The library teacher will speak to any student who has not turned in summer reading or taking the appropriate number of quizzes during each relevant semester.

    * The team members may bring concerns to the library teacher regarding any student who appears to be behind on requirements.

    * Any student who has met with the library teacher, and who continues to not do his/her part in battle preparations may be removed from the team.

    * Students may not remove other students from a team.  Only the library teacher can do so.

    * Good sportsmanship is paramount!

    3) Battle times are set with careful consideration of the school calendar so that they do not interfere with vacations, MCAS testing, etc.  Battle times/dates cannot be moved to accommodate students who are not present during their battles.  Students who are not present in school for the days of the battle are not eligible to participate via technology.

    4) If a student is absent for one battle, they may rejoin their team if the team makes it to the next round of play.

    5) Any student who misses more than one battle is automatically disqualified from any further battles, regardless of how his/her team fares.  (*Unless there is documentation that has been cleared by administration).

    6) There are five rounds of battle (homeroom, team, hallway, grade level & whole school) throughout the month of March.

    7) Each student is responsible for taking 2 quizzes per semester (for the 1st and 2nd semesters only). 

    8) You may take quizzes on your summer reading books. 

    9) If each person takes the quizzes for the books that he/she is responsible for, the team should have all the quizzes.


    11) All quizzes and team planning sheets will be filed in the library until the week before February vacation.

    12) Quizzes should then be used by team members as study guides.

    13) No team should request quizzes from other teams.  Everyone has the same opportunity to take all the quizzes!  This could lead to disqualification. 


    created by Elizabeth Abbott, Morse Pond School Library Media Teacher