• To visit a specialist's web site, click on the link in the left hand column. To contact a specialist, please add @falmouth.k12.ma.us to the email name, or call North Falmouth School at (508) 563-2334 and enter the extension when prompted.

    Nancy McGee SpEd Teacher Special Education nmcgee 329
    Cathleen Edwards SpEd Teacher Special Education cedwards 332
    Jen Tarpley SpEd Teacher Special Education jtarpley 365
    Joanna Lombardi TLC  Special Education jlombardi 334
    Kate Behlman Sp/LA Teacher Special Education kogrady 312
    Abby Harris ESL Teacher Special Education aharris 311
    TBA SpEd Teacher Special Education TBA 330
    Michael Fedele Psychologist Special Education mfedele 317
    Lori Andrade Reading Teacher Reading Specialist landrade 335
    Barbara Wallace Reading Teacher Reading Specialist bwallace 384
    Korey Charles Music Teacher Music Specialist kcharles 343
    Susan Fishback PhysEd Teacher PE Specialist sfishback 313
    Kathryn Famely Art Teacher Art Specialist kfamely 364
    Kristin Bergeron Library/Media Tea Librarian kbergeron 346
    Judy Foley Grades 1-4 Teacher Assistant jfoley 357
    Jane Guresh Kindergarten Teacher Assistant jguresh 360
    Jasmine Bishop TLC  Teacher Assistants jbishop 326
    Kathreen Mahoney TLC  Teacher Assistant kmahoney 376
    Sheryl Lopes Grades 1-4 Teacher Assistant slopes 363
    Lori Raber Grades 1-4 Teacher Assistant lraber 316
    Cindy Jimenez Grades 1-4 Teacher Assistant cjimenez 396
    Jennifer Falcone Kindergarten Teacher Assistant jfalcone 372
    Kim Ferreira Kindergarten Teacher Assistant kferreira 331
    Slader Merriman Sped 1:1  Teaching Assistant smerriman 367
    Kitty Muse Sped 1:1 / Crossing Guard Teaching Assistant kmuse 379
    Donna Agnew Sped 1.1 Teaching Assistant dagnew 321
Last Modified on September 8, 2023