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    Mission Statement:

    The Lawrence School, in partnership with families and community, provides rigorous and relevant learning experiences for students, ensuring that all reach their unique potential as learners and as respectful members of the local and global communities. 

    Vision Statement:

    The Lawrence School is committed to creating a community of engaged and motivated learners, through literacy, STEM, and culturally rich education, which access resources from community partnerships to develop their passions and abilities as citizens of the 21st century.

    Educational Model:

    Middle School Team Structure.

    Key Design Elements:

    1:1 Chromebooks and excellent bandwidth, Good student/teacher ratio, Adjustment Counselor and Guidance Counselor support, 1 Case Manager/Team structure, significant extra-curricular offerings, Math/Reading Lab supports.

    Utilizing the Innovation School model, Lawrence School has prioritized autonomies in the areas of curriculum,  instruction, and assessment; school schedule; professional development; staffing; district policies and procedures; and budget which support the school’s mission and vision.

    Our plan addresses how our school will use the innovation model in the six areas of autonomy and flexibility which will be structured with measurable annual goals and benchmarks in four key priorities:

    • Key Priority 1: Increase academic achievement for all Lawrence School students and significant reduction of achievement gaps with strong focus on literacy and technology integration in all areas of the curriculum
    • Key Priority 2: Boost community participation and engagement in learning for all Lawrence School students
    • Key Priority 3: Student, Family, and Community Partnerships that enrich learning opportunities for all Lawrence School students
    • Key Priority 4: Professional Development and Distributive Leadership that recognize the essential role that Lawrence School teachers play in student engagement and academic achievement of all students

    Original Plan: 2011/2012 through 2015/2016

    Renewal Plan: 2016/2017 through 2020/2021

Last Modified on July 16, 2017